The artwork “WE ARE SHALOM!” realized in Co-Creation at 21.12.2012 is completed!!

(in the day of the Epiphany, which means “manifestation of the divine”!)


“WE ARE SHALOM!” Is an artwork come true in co-creation, through my hands, with the hearts and minds of many people in the world who virtually have participated in this project.

We have chosen to commemorate this special date, 21/12/2012, through a work of art that would express, in common purpose, the profound message of the affirmation “We Are Shalom!”

Shalom understood in its meaning most complete which includes Peace, Love, Harmony, Wholeness, Health, Prosperity, Happiness, Fulness, Perfection.

I thank all those who have shared this experience with me and that through their awareness have helped to increase the Light on our beloved Planet Earth and all human Hearts.


I provide the FREE download of the files at high-resolution for printing a poster or do whatever you want.

It ‘s my gift for you that choose to live letting your Light shine so that it can illuminate the World!!

If you do not know what it is watch the video below. Soon it will be available with the artwork completed.


21-12-2012 We Are Shalom!! from Manuela Nicolini on Vimeo.


Here you can download the files for printing  in two languages (English and Italian), you can choose one or both, and please share them with the world!!


English                                                                                           Italian



Here you can go to the gallery where you find the artwork “WE ARE SHALOM!!”. Currently there are not the images of the details but there will be soon!


If you are interested to buy the original artwork you must know that 10% of the proceeds from the sale will go to Tuloy Foundation .

I want to contribute so that even children who now live in the streets of Manila have a chance to one day become great artists!